1st Birthday!

It happened.  Too quickly.  She turned one… so the party was had!  I made mini cupcakes and regular cupcakes with Mother’s Animal Cookies on top, and piped a little “R” with some leftover teal I’ve had in the fridge (and can’t seem to use up!).  It was a small party with somewhat of an animal theme.  She had her first cake, followed promptly by a bath, LOL.  Would you believe I couldn’t find more than four boxes of Animal Crackers?!!  I mean, why on earth couldn’t I find more than that?  Those were staples back in the day; I guess times change.  The original idea was that those would be the favors, but instead they just ended up being decor.  Looking back at the photos, I think I would change using the pink and white iced cookies for actual Animal Crackers, solely because the Animal Crackers have MUCH better definition and are easily recognizable.  Then I’d try to find some pink and white giraffe liners or something like that to go with it.  With an Animal Cookie you kind of go, “what is this animal is this?” a lot.  There’s always next time!

How cute is the party dress and shoes??


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