Personalized Matchboxes, DIY

I really couldn’t help myself, I saw an image on Pinterest and pinned it to my bridal shower board.  I had to!  I mean, what better accompaniment to a hand poured candle than a personalized matchbox?  If you should be interested, my board (and some others) are on Pinterest here.

I already had kraft paper on hand from the tags made for the hand poured candle favors, and the bride and groom’s wedding image, so I gave it a go.  A few weeks ago I went with my brother in-law to the Alameda Antiques Market (you HAVE to go here) to gather vintage bottles for centerpieces.  While there, I bought some vintage matchboxes on the cheap – the kind that were kinda faded and weathered.  I printed their image onto the kraft, and cut the new ‘covers’ to size with a paper cutter.  I used a bone folder to get the corners just perfect, and used a glue stick to adhere the paper to the original matchbox.  I should note that I cut the paper to fit around the box, minus the striking side.  No fires, please!  Once the glue started to dry, I pressed firmly, and tied a bit of bakers twine around them.  Viola!  Super easy, try for yourself!

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