The Wild West Road Trip, by Jackie Bowman, age 9

06-16-12 (events in chronological order as they occurred)

It’s almost time to go and Reagan’s screaming and crying because she wants an orange.  Mom and Dad are both having the feeling that they are going to forget something.

We are now on the road! 🙂


Multiple hours later, we are entering Ren0, or as I like to call it  the LAND OF CASINOS.  There’s a lot of different license plates.

Reagan is screaming!  Oh well, that explains it.  She just vomited.

Now we are FINALLY at Battle Mountain, at our home sweet Motel Super 8.

AAARRGGHH!  I just got out of the car and now I’m back in.  Well, actually we’re at a restaurant.


That was awesome!

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