Day 2 of The Wild West Road Trip, by Jackie Bowman, age 9

06-17-12 (events in chronological order as they occurred)

ARRGHH! I hate getting up early.

On our way to Yellowstone we stopped at a rest stop and we found a grass patch and played some catch and there was a bunch of bees and I knew it was coming, then it hit me. SCREAMMM!!!
A bee stung me on the bottom of the toe. I was crying for a solid 15 minutes. WORST TRUCK STOP EVER!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re back in the car. Whew!

IT HURTS SO BAD!!!!!!!!!

And 1000 hours later (5 hours) “now entering Montana”!

I think the bee sting and some pain added some excitement to this blog. Don’t you think?

Hey, we’re at our camp site KOA. It has a pool YAY!

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