Day 5 of The Wild West Road Trip, by Jackie Bowman, age 9

06-20-12 (events in chronological order as they occurred)

Reagan was so funny today!πŸ˜‚

First when we got out of the car to go to lunch mom and I both got vanilla milkshakes (medium) and when they got to the table Mom’s shake got hijacked by Reagan. So now it was more like Reagan sharing with mom instead of mom sharing with Reagan.

Back in theπŸš™. Today was supposed to be the shortest day of driving which it was. I made a funny face and Reagan cracked upπŸ˜‚. That’s πŸ‘ because if she cried I could always make her be πŸ˜ƒ. Except for one time when I just wanted to πŸ‘Š her.

Yay we’re at our camp site. So we ate dinner and I said “I wish Joe were here” then I just did this 😭. Then GOOD NIGHT!

***** looks like someone found the emoji keyboard on my phone… ~Lisa

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