Day 6 of The Wild West Road Trip, by Jackie Bowman, age 9

06-21-12 (events in chronological order as they occurred)

Uuuuuuuuggggggghhhhh! It’s so hot today!😒. Also really windy.😳.

WOW the Grand Canyon is so pretty, so many tall rocks! It’s so big! We drank so much WATER.

Back in the 🚙. 2 hours later hey the Hoover Dam is so big and hot and windy! I’m so sticky I just feel like jumping into the arctic ocean! But at the same time I don’t.

Wow there is so many dips in Death Valley put your hands in the air mom says. YOOHOO! We also played the fox game.

Ok so we’re at the hotel and we went straight to the pool after that. Time for bed good night!

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