The Thanksgiving project

I’m hosting Thanksgiving. WAIT. I’m hosting Thanksgiving?! Oh boy, evite up, up and away!! Here’s to hoping everyone RSVP’s in a timely manner.

So our families together make for a large gathering, to say the least. A few months back my Mom and I picked up some fall-ish fabric to make table runners with, since most of my runners are major holiday related or springy in color. I really liked this patterned beige fabric with wheat stalks, it also had some gold metallic on it and I’m a sucker for metallic prints. So there you have it. We also chose a patterned black fabric that had ravens on top of pumpkins, which I thought was funny and good for the kids. So, we made a two sided table runner, one for each of us.

There was fabric leftover, and I hate keeping it around to find something else to do with it. Most of it was scraps, but I kept thinking napkin rings would be great- and a good excuse to try out the button hole stitch on my sewing machine.

After cutting out 20 strips of each fabric and strips of batting, I was ready to rock. I must have put the first one together incorrectly about three times, before my Mom had to step in. I guess I don’t sew enough… But I digress. Sewed them wrong sides together, flipped them inside out, pressed them, then sewed them shut. This is where the button comes in. Anyone who has a newer sewing machine got a long plastic foot that everyone looked at like, WTFrench toast is this? It’s the button hole foot. Sure! I knew that.

It is stupid easy to use. Once you go through the directions once, you are a pro. And I’m excited I get to do 20 of them, they’re so easy. Mark with chalk, line it up, press the button and presto. All you have to do then is open it up using your seam ripper. The photos below show you some of the steps, including where I was too lazy to drag out the ironing board for bookmark sized items. Yes, that’s my sleeve board and I’m in the hallway. So what?

I’m undecided on whether or not to add a button to the flip side too… How about we just get through Thanksgiving first. Okay?

I’ll try to remember to post some pics of the tablescape on Thanksgiving so you can see it in all it’s glory. 🙂


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