DIY Turkey day bunting

Hey again.  After making more progress and almost being finished with my napkin rings from the last post – I got flowers from the hubs.  They were gorg, but I kinda obsessed over the fabric that surrounded the bouquet.  It was this orange netting thing I immediately knew I had to save.  Wasn’t sure for what… but I folded it up anyways.  Then as I was sewing I thought about the tablescapes again.  Hmm, I don’t have a banner or bunting like I just did for Halloween, why not make one?  AND OUT OF THAT FABRIC!  Make it so, number one.

It was a rainy day today, so I pulled out some craft stuff for the kids and I to play with.  I started out with just wanting to use the orange fabric.  It turned out that it was too sheer against the kraft, so I doubled it up by folding it into a pennant shape and gluing it to the kraft.  I also stuck a heavy book on top of them while drying.  After adding my glitter letters, punching holes in them and stringing, I decided that there still was not enough contrast from far away.  So, I found some ivory handmade paper and cut it into 1×1″ squares.  I put the letters on top of the squares, and viola.  I also covered the middle marker in the same paper, and added some paper cut arrows to tie back to my Evite theme that featured them.  They are a little too big for the pennant, but I was tired at that point.  My 2 year old was really acting 2 today.  I’m pretty happy with it, but we’ll see if I don’t tweak it some more before this Thursday!  🙂


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