The Bridal Shower!

And just as quickly as it started, it seemed like it ended – we all had a load of fun. ¬†The food was amazing, the decor looked great and I was happy with the favors I doled out. ūüôā

Here are the photos as promised, that I said I would provide in order to make all my latest DIY posts make sense. ¬†Please feel free to email me if you’d like to know anything specific that I didn’t cover in the post. ¬†Enjoy!

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Handmade Paper Party Garlands, post from 3/29/12

Personalized Candy Favors, post from 3/24/12

Personalized Teacup Candle Favors, post from 3/11 & 3/14/12

Personalized Matchboxes, post from 3/17/12

Planted Moss & Succulent Table Centerpieces, post from 10/17/11

Handmade Paper Party Garlands, DIY

I really had no idea that I’d do so many DIY posts, but that’s the way it is sometimes! ¬†So, if you have kept up with my last few posts you’d know that I’m getting ready to throw a bridal shower. ¬†Those that haven’t, go ahead. ¬†I’ll wait. ¬†ūüôā

This shower will be nothing too fancy, and somewhat small and intimate. ¬†I have most of the favors completed, as well as my gift wrapped and ready. ¬†I’m starting to clean the house, plan the menu and design a seating area in my family room where we’ll be stationed for most of the party. ¬†In doing all of these things, I thought I needed some ‘shtuff’ for the walls and ceiling, as it’s not super festive yet. ¬†I found a few images on pinterest and pinned them to my bridal shower board to try. ¬†The original image inspiration for this party garland is here. ¬†Unfortunately I don’t have a graduated circle cutter or anything like that, but I do have some Creative Memories blades and templates, so I used those. ¬†I chose a bridal themed paper sheet from Paper Source, regular Kraft paper (on hand from the tags I made for candle favors), and a pack of gorgeous shimmery Blush transparent rose printed paper also from Paper Source. ¬†You’ll notice that I cut each image out of the bridal sheet –¬†(insert sarcastic voice here)¬†this was the plan all along and had nothing to do with keeping the costs low. ¬†After cutting what felt like a bazillion circles and ovals in different sizes and in different papers, I sat down at my sewing machine to string them together. ¬†I also had on hand a large scalloped heart punch that I bought for Valentine’s Day, so I punched a few things out with that as well. ¬†I made one horizontal garland with the hearts, and plan to string the rest of the garlands vertically from that. ¬†I promise to take a ton of pictures during set up so that you can all see what I have been working on really come together!

Personalized candy favors, DIY

In event planning, I admit I may be a bit over the top or anal retentive. ¬†Whichever describes the situation, I guess! ¬†I was always taught that a good party has some kind of candy, SOMEWHERE. ¬†ūüôā ¬†So for the bridal shower I thought I’d look up the personalized M&Ms, because I had ordered them years ago for a friend’s baby shower and they were a huge hit. ¬†I found the website, did a little of the “create yours” section, only to realize that I had to buy a minimum of 3 bags, at a total cost of $41.97 without tax and shipping. ¬†I also know I would need more than 3 bags based on the fact that each one is only 7 oz. ¬†I don’t know about you all, but my wallet hurts these days – so these are kinda out of the picture now. ¬†No matter how frickin cute I made them. ¬†Le sigh.

SO, I decided that there had to be something cheaper I could make. ¬†I found an image on Pinterest of personalized hershey’ s kisses and put it on my board, and decided to try it out today. ¬†It took a bit of trial and error, but I got it right AND now you can do this too! ¬†(PS, the site I found the original idea on was priced at $27.00 for 100 candies without tax or shipping.)

1.  Go to staples or office depot, get Avery labels that are 1 inch circular mailing seals.  (short answer to your question of why mailing seals, because it was the right size and was white.  You can make these any color.)  $7.99 for 600.

2. Go to Michaels and grab a “recollections lever punch” in petite. ¬†They should rename it to the hershey’s kiss punch. ¬†For real. ¬†$3.99 or $2.89 with a 40% off coupon. ¬†Yup.

3. Go to CVS or wherever you can get a “party size” bag of Hershey’s Kisses. ¬†$7.99.

4. Get home with your bounty, download the Avery template for the seals, it should be #5247.

5. Design your template however you wish, fill with color, add a photo or text, whatever your heart desires. ¬†For me it was the bride and groom’s wedding emblem on a white background. ¬†Be aware that you should make your image smaller than the circle because it is too big to affix to the kisses, you will be punching them out of the sheets in a later step. ¬†Copy and paste your first circle to the rest of the sheet, print! ¬†It took me about 15 sheets to do the entire bag. ¬†Minus the four I ate. ¬†Don’t hate.

6. Cut the sheets up into rows, this will be easier for the punch to center on your design.  The seals are actually too big for the kisses, thus the need for a punch.

7. Turn the punch upside down so you can see what you are punching, and punch away.  These are small, so I had a small container on hand to put them all into or risk them running away.

8. ¬†Peel and stick to your heart’s content! ¬†Invite people over to help, bribe your eight-year old or just do this while watching the tube. ¬†It’s a mindless activity. ¬†ūüôā

Congratulations, you are done!!  And you have something that people will remember for a very, very long time.  All at the total cost of $19.53.

Sister in-law’s wedding

In July we were part of the most beautiful Napa wedding, for one of my Sister in-laws. ¬†The whole thing was gorgeous, and it is always a party when your extended family can make it!! ¬†I volunteered to do the flowers for the event, and a day before the event I got to work on those in my garage. ¬†Each bouquet turned out gorgeous, though I must say I was most proud of the calla lily hand-tied bouquet she carried. ¬†It was simple and stunning, just like her! ¬†ūüôā ¬†Alas, I need to get better about taking my own photos of my own work. ¬†That way I could’ve shown you all how gorgeous the blue hydrangea-yellow-rose-baby’s breath creations were.

Funny story, well – no, no it wasn’t funny at the time at all. ¬†I devised that I could put the bouquets and boutonierres in clear plastic cups with a slight bit of water, inside a large cooler for transport and overnight storage. ¬†(side note, hydrangeas are high maintenence and need both alum and water or they will wilt immediately.) ¬†It worked brilliantly, until we got to the reception location which also served as the pre-ceremony get-ready spot. ¬†I had leftover flowers, and was greeted by some of the staff in an area that was for event prep. ¬†It housed three refrigerators and a few long tables. ¬†One of the staffers said to me “that fridge is empty, if you’d like to put the flowers there”. ¬†I thought, brilliant, let’s do that. ¬†I adjusted the shelf height, loaded them in, and was off to the rehearsal dinner! ¬†The next morning was interesting. ¬†A last minute bouquet for my oldest daughter/flower girl, a bouquet for the offering, and boutonierres were made right down to the wire. ¬†My parents were attending the wedding, so my mom helps me load stuff up. ¬†I’ll admit it was bright out, and the prep spot wasn’t well-lit. ¬†I load the cooler into the back of our truck, and pop it open to put extra floral tape in it – heyyy, why is that hydrangea looking a little dark? ¬†Open the cooler further and my mouth drops to my feet. ¬†Full panic attack – the plastic cups have ice in them. ¬†Try to remove a bouquet – and a circle of ICE pops out of the cup! ¬†The stems are frozen… breathe. ¬†BREATHE!! ¬†I immediately pull a cardinal sin and put all the flowers in full sun, hoping for a miracle. ¬†What? ¬†It’s time to leave?? ¬†But…. then it becomes crystal clear to me that the bouquet for my daughter and the boutonierres are fine since I made them an hour ago. ¬†I just need to focus on the bridesmaids bouquets. ¬†Fortunately the bride’s Callas look amazing, just like yesterday. ¬†So, I start hacking away at the blue hydrangeas that suffered the most damage with a pair of scissors. ¬†All while CURSING that staffer. ¬†I should have just left everything in the cooler like I planned. ¬†Oh well. ¬†Enter: arriving at the church. ¬†I pull the cooler to the front steps and dole out the boutonierres and bouquets, after I have literally reduced them by half and frankensteined them together in some cases. ¬†I believe I literally said to most of the other bridesmaids (yes, I was one), “this is the back of your bouquet – don’t turn it, ever.” ¬†This would be why there are very few flower shots of the bridesmaids. ¬†To top it all off, the wedding coordinator (who I found a little “off”) pinned every groomsman’s boutonierre crooked, and stuck the pin through the actual rose. ¬†Not through the stem like everyone else who attended a prom would have done. ¬†Including the grooms’. ¬†Are you kidding me? ¬†So the rose is really going to like that around 5pm… Almost every picture the flower is tilted sideways. ¬†I mean, I hounded that photographer… “can you just let me fix that please?” ¬†Kind of embarrassed. ¬†But, all in all it was fine. ¬†It was beautiful. ¬†Everything was gorgeous. ¬†Especially after the bar opened up.

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