Another birthday

Two posts in one day??  Blogger, oh hey!  To tell the truth, it’s raining today and the youngest is actually napping, so here we are.  This post is for a May birthday, my oldest’s 8th.  She wanted a brownie cake, so with a 9×13″ pan this is what she came up with.  She loves the San Jose Sharks, so teal frosting had to be on the cake somewhere.  She also had to have the blue sparkly number 8 candle.  I found the pink marshmallows too cute to pass up, so we had to have them. She said they looked like flowers to her, and then told me that’s how she wanted to decorate her cake.  She really did most of the work.  So, viola!  The brownie cake was for the kids party, the cupcakes were for the family party the following day.  That’s how we do.  :0)


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