Sister in-law’s wedding

In July we were part of the most beautiful Napa wedding, for one of my Sister in-laws.  The whole thing was gorgeous, and it is always a party when your extended family can make it!!  I volunteered to do the flowers for the event, and a day before the event I got to work on those in my garage.  Each bouquet turned out gorgeous, though I must say I was most proud of the calla lily hand-tied bouquet she carried.  It was simple and stunning, just like her!  🙂  Alas, I need to get better about taking my own photos of my own work.  That way I could’ve shown you all how gorgeous the blue hydrangea-yellow-rose-baby’s breath creations were.

Funny story, well – no, no it wasn’t funny at the time at all.  I devised that I could put the bouquets and boutonierres in clear plastic cups with a slight bit of water, inside a large cooler for transport and overnight storage.  (side note, hydrangeas are high maintenence and need both alum and water or they will wilt immediately.)  It worked brilliantly, until we got to the reception location which also served as the pre-ceremony get-ready spot.  I had leftover flowers, and was greeted by some of the staff in an area that was for event prep.  It housed three refrigerators and a few long tables.  One of the staffers said to me “that fridge is empty, if you’d like to put the flowers there”.  I thought, brilliant, let’s do that.  I adjusted the shelf height, loaded them in, and was off to the rehearsal dinner!  The next morning was interesting.  A last minute bouquet for my oldest daughter/flower girl, a bouquet for the offering, and boutonierres were made right down to the wire.  My parents were attending the wedding, so my mom helps me load stuff up.  I’ll admit it was bright out, and the prep spot wasn’t well-lit.  I load the cooler into the back of our truck, and pop it open to put extra floral tape in it – heyyy, why is that hydrangea looking a little dark?  Open the cooler further and my mouth drops to my feet.  Full panic attack – the plastic cups have ice in them.  Try to remove a bouquet – and a circle of ICE pops out of the cup!  The stems are frozen… breathe.  BREATHE!!  I immediately pull a cardinal sin and put all the flowers in full sun, hoping for a miracle.  What?  It’s time to leave??  But…. then it becomes crystal clear to me that the bouquet for my daughter and the boutonierres are fine since I made them an hour ago.  I just need to focus on the bridesmaids bouquets.  Fortunately the bride’s Callas look amazing, just like yesterday.  So, I start hacking away at the blue hydrangeas that suffered the most damage with a pair of scissors.  All while CURSING that staffer.  I should have just left everything in the cooler like I planned.  Oh well.  Enter: arriving at the church.  I pull the cooler to the front steps and dole out the boutonierres and bouquets, after I have literally reduced them by half and frankensteined them together in some cases.  I believe I literally said to most of the other bridesmaids (yes, I was one), “this is the back of your bouquet – don’t turn it, ever.”  This would be why there are very few flower shots of the bridesmaids.  To top it all off, the wedding coordinator (who I found a little “off”) pinned every groomsman’s boutonierre crooked, and stuck the pin through the actual rose.  Not through the stem like everyone else who attended a prom would have done.  Including the grooms’.  Are you kidding me?  So the rose is really going to like that around 5pm… Almost every picture the flower is tilted sideways.  I mean, I hounded that photographer… “can you just let me fix that please?”  Kind of embarrassed.  But, all in all it was fine.  It was beautiful.  Everything was gorgeous.  Especially after the bar opened up.

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