f3Oakland’s “Art & Taxes” event recap!

Blog, oh hey!  I’m just gonna lay it out there, I’m super addicted to my friend’s building events.  SO ecclectic and fun!!  I have previously posted a few recaps about f3 events at the Cotton Mill Studios, should you want to check them out:



This past event was themed “Art & Taxes”, I’m guessing mostly because it was so close to Tax Day.  I made a few sewn stationery items that looked like lined grade school paper and yellow legal pads.  I also brought some jewelry, scarves AND amazing treats since we usually kill it during the later hours of the event when folks are peckish.  What can we say, we know our audience!  Lexi had awesome dino hoodies on hand, lumberjack and narwhal totes, a cloud mobile that is adorbs and stuffed whales and narwhals.  The Meck brought amazing jewelry too!   Sold a little jewelry, sold some stationery – but killed on treats.  Like, $100 on just treats alone.  Word.

As usual, there was no shortage of deliciousness that was put out on the delectables table.  The food, oh, the food – there was such a spread.  I made Madelines, triple chocolate chunk chocolate chip cookies, and Black Magic chocolate cupcakes with Vanilla Bean buttercream icing.  My mom made (yes, my mom) made Lemon Tea Bread, the Meck made the America’s Test Kitchen peanut butter cookies, and Lexi made gingersnaps, a gingersnap sandwich cookie with lemon cream cheese filling, lemon mini cupcakes with lemon cream cheese icing, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and gluten free dark chocolate brownies with hazelnuts.  Yeah, you could say we all like to bake or something.

After the event got started, it was a little slow.  Then a band member from Mad Noise walked in and asked if they could do a 2 song set in the studio, and I said hell yes.  So if you scroll through, you will see a photo of them captivating the audience we had in the loft at that point.  They were literally amazing.  Such talent!

Can’t wait for the next event, and hope you can come too!


Open Studios Event @ F3!

Open Studios Event @ F3!

Blog, oh hey!  No, I didn’t forget about ya’ll.  It was the holidays, we had guests and family, and a good time was had by all.  Cut back to real life…

Just thought I would share my next event that is coming up fast, so mark your calendars for January 25th at Cotton Mill Studios!!!  Oh, and did I mention that the theme for the event is “Full Wolf Moon”?  That’s how you know it’ll be good… Here’s a preview of somethings in the works, just to wet your whistle and entice you to come out!

An F3 Event bib... "hungry like the wolf"

An F3 Event bib… “hungry like the wolf”

These are the “Event Special” kids items, bibs and onesies in super fun colorways.  And yes, I currently have “Her name is Rio, and she’s dancing in the saaaaaaaaaand…” running through my head on an endless loop.  You’re welcome.

Wolf Moon stationery in progress....

Wolf Moon stationery in progress….

And THIS will be the most awesome stationery to date.  The plan is to use the silver ink to sponge the background of the wolf silhouette, which is stitched onto the foldover card.  The cutout wolf will also get stitched onto a card, but I haven’t decided yet what size, OR if I want to use the silver ink to sponge a moon to put the wolf on.  Decisions, decisions… anyhow, the event is really fun and there’s a little bit of everything.  Including delicious baked goods and items like you see in this post AND in this previous post too.  On the 4th floor.  It’s where the players dwell.

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