Hello world!

Blog, oh hey!  Finally able to sit down and actually create a little blogspot for myself!  I just downloaded a few photos of a recent event I baked goodies for, my youngest brother in-law’s engagement party in Thousand Oaks, CA.  I made them three delicious and “different” cupcakes, as well as a 6″ round engagement cake.  I think his favorite was the peach bourbon cupcake, hers was the Spanish saffron and Madagascar Vanilla cupcake.  Super yum, and won the crowd over with the table tent menu I made to go with them!  See the photos, the cupcakes turned out cute and were fun to make with a little help, from my 8 year old.  🙂


The left photo: Spanish saffron and Madagascar vanilla cake with rosewater buttercream, pink sugar and pistachio bits.

The middle photo: Fresh peach and Bulliet bourbon cake with peach bourbon frosting, and a marzipan peach.

The right photo: Black chocolate cake with Madagascar vanilla bean frosting, and a fondant ring.

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