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More adventures in Faire-y Fairs, the F3 Oakland Event!

So I said that I would write something before my next fair, who knew it would take so little time?!!  A friend of mine lives in a very cool building that is nothing but live/work lofts, and apparently has events periodically.  This particular event happens every three months and on the 3rd Friday of whatever the month, hence the title F3.  My friend has only lived in the building a few months and hadn’t been to an event, so she didn’t know much and I had zero expectations.

My plan WAS to bring jewelry, stationery and a few knits to sell out of her loft space, somewhere.  I didn’t actually remember to put the stationery IN the car, so it stayed at home, not selling.  Great work, Lisa!  But I digress.  I got to her place right before the event started, at 6pm.  It was 6-10pm, and at the very least, I was hanging out SANS chitlins and drinking with my friends.  They had me at “hello”, so to speak.  I took a table from her, and got to work setting up.  Mainly pinning my jewelry onto foam core boards that I had spray painted with black chalkboard paint, and planned to write on with these super sweet liquid chalk pens that I found at Michael’s.  I think it turned out alright, but I think I need to fine tune my presentations a bit more.  I’m always looking to improve…

Lexi had baked up a lot of goodies that were to draw folks in, which worked like gangbusters.  Right out of the gate a lovely woman sauntered in and started chatting with us and tried on a few things of mine.  She walked out with the most complicated 7 strand necklace I had made, so I felt great about the night starting so well!  And when I say she walked out, she paid me and literally wore it out the door.  Felt good.  😉  Lexi had these AWESOME, and I mean AWESOME stuffed animal narwhals that everyone loved.  She also had these great totes with a lumberjack silhouette applique on them, and some sweet dino hoodies and repurposed ceramic cake stands.

Throughout the 4 hour stint we had a lot of folks come and go, and some even came through a few times.  I think the baked goods were part of that… but hey, traffic is traffic, amirite?!  At the very end of the night there WAS this shorter latin man that latched onto my very gorgeous and tall friend Lacey, and things got weird because he kept missing the obvious social queues to leave.  It wasn’t stalkerish or anything, but more comical because he had clearly had his fair share of wine that night.

Anyhow, we had a great time and I cannot wait to attend the next F3Oakland event!!  If you’d like info on what the event is, and how to get there click here to go to the f3oakland website.  Enjoy the photos below of our adventures!

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The newest piece just finished!

I found a box of random shells and coral pieces at an estate sale, and they instantly screamed at me to make jewelry from them.  So I obliged!  This is the first piece from the ‘shell box’ series I’ll put up on my Etsy shop in the upcoming weeks.  What you see is a 2.5 x 2.5 inch piece of pink fan coral, wrapped with gold tone wire on a gold-plated chain and featuring a pink opal bead.  The necklace also features a mini pendant at the clasp, with the LBB stamp and a single pink swarovski crystal.  This particular piece is meant for my very good photographer friend, Isabel Furie, from Furie Photography.  She volunteered to beta-test for me, and hopefully get some more word out on my shop 🙂 .

I really think it had been so long that I had made any jewelry, that I had forgotten how much fun I could have doing that! Well, like Jay-Z said, “it’s onto the next one”. So, please stop by the shop and browse the new items – a few bracelets and such. Enjoy, because I certainly did! Now, if I can only get more time to make more…

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