Day 6 of The Wild West Road Trip, by Jackie Bowman, age 9

06-21-12 (events in chronological order as they occurred)

Uuuuuuuuggggggghhhhh! It’s so hot today!😒. Also really windy.😳.

WOW the Grand Canyon is so pretty, so many tall rocks! It’s so big! We drank so much WATER.

Back in the 🚙. 2 hours later hey the Hoover Dam is so big and hot and windy! I’m so sticky I just feel like jumping into the arctic ocean! But at the same time I don’t.

Wow there is so many dips in Death Valley put your hands in the air mom says. YOOHOO! We also played the fox game.

Ok so we’re at the hotel and we went straight to the pool after that. Time for bed good night!

Day 5 of The Wild West Road Trip, by Jackie Bowman, age 9

06-20-12 (events in chronological order as they occurred)

Reagan was so funny today!😂

First when we got out of the car to go to lunch mom and I both got vanilla milkshakes (medium) and when they got to the table Mom’s shake got hijacked by Reagan. So now it was more like Reagan sharing with mom instead of mom sharing with Reagan.

Back in the🚙. Today was supposed to be the shortest day of driving which it was. I made a funny face and Reagan cracked up😂. That’s 👍 because if she cried I could always make her be 😃. Except for one time when I just wanted to 👊 her.

Yay we’re at our camp site. So we ate dinner and I said “I wish Joe were here” then I just did this 😭. Then GOOD NIGHT!

***** looks like someone found the emoji keyboard on my phone… ~Lisa

Day 4 of The Wild West Road Trip, by Jackie Bowman, age 9

06-19-12 (events in chronological order as they occurred)

So today Reagan woke me up at 9:22 AM and mom and dad were still asleep. We were pretty bored because there was nothing to do that wasn’t noisy until Reagan decided to scream. Then it was fine because now we could do something noisy. So we turned on the T.V. and it was fine. I don’t know if I have said this enough in this blog but IT’S POOL TIME! Oops I forgot something. YAY!

Ok their breakfast was amazing at the hotel. I got the waffle and it had a fruity face.

Oh NOOOWW it’s time to get in the pool, it was pretty cold but I got used to it.

Then we all took a shower and left. 30 MINUTES LATER (pretty much).

Now entering ZION! We set up camp, ate dinner which was mac&cheese, steak and vegetables.

We all did shadow puppet pictures for Reagan on the side of the tent with flashlights, and then HONK SHEW, HONK SHEW. (snoring)

Now we are all sitting out in the dark watching the sky for shooting stars. Awesome.

Day 3 of The Wild West Road Trip, by Jackie Bowman, age 9

06-18-12 (events in chronological order as they occurred)

Reagan is a non-stop screaming machine today and I’m not feeling well at aaaallllllllllll. Every time I lay down in the car Reagan smacks me in the face.

There were so many buffalo! I’m guessing we’re going to have 102 pictures from this trip.

Hey we’re at the hotel. It has a pool also. YAY!

****So then Jackie’s mom hijacked the blog to let you all know that despite her bee sting really bugging her (see what I did there?) today and the short installment for Day 3, she had a good time with us at Yellowstone National Park. We got lots of smiles and “wow, that’s cool!” Which is a win in my book. See you all tomorrow! ~Lisa

Day 2 of The Wild West Road Trip, by Jackie Bowman, age 9

06-17-12 (events in chronological order as they occurred)

ARRGHH! I hate getting up early.

On our way to Yellowstone we stopped at a rest stop and we found a grass patch and played some catch and there was a bunch of bees and I knew it was coming, then it hit me. SCREAMMM!!!
A bee stung me on the bottom of the toe. I was crying for a solid 15 minutes. WORST TRUCK STOP EVER!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re back in the car. Whew!

IT HURTS SO BAD!!!!!!!!!

And 1000 hours later (5 hours) “now entering Montana”!

I think the bee sting and some pain added some excitement to this blog. Don’t you think?

Hey, we’re at our camp site KOA. It has a pool YAY!

The Wild West Road Trip, by Jackie Bowman, age 9

06-16-12 (events in chronological order as they occurred)

It’s almost time to go and Reagan’s screaming and crying because she wants an orange.  Mom and Dad are both having the feeling that they are going to forget something.

We are now on the road! 🙂


Multiple hours later, we are entering Ren0, or as I like to call it  the LAND OF CASINOS.  There’s a lot of different license plates.

Reagan is screaming!  Oh well, that explains it.  She just vomited.

Now we are FINALLY at Battle Mountain, at our home sweet Motel Super 8.

AAARRGGHH!  I just got out of the car and now I’m back in.  Well, actually we’re at a restaurant.


That was awesome!

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