Adventures in Sewing Paper…

Geez, neglected since the end of October?  You guys must think I’m lazy… and you might be right on a few occasions!  Well, I got a call from my newest future in-law about her save-the-dates this past Wednesday.  I’m not even sure how this happens, but the artist/company she chose to use LOST them, TWICE.  I just said I don’t know how that happens, because I don’t.  How do legitimate businesses manage to do that, and stay in business??  Seems counterintuitive, right?  That’s when I start saying things like “I could (insert-company-idea-here)…” .  Well, she took matters into her own hands and patched together her vision for the cards.  She had already had custom stickers made, and went and found some great textured A2 cards at Paper Source.  She put those together, and wanted a little more texture by sewing a 3.5mm line across the bottom in a darker thread.  I had seen this technique on a few letterpress cards at Anthropologie and wanted to try this myself, so I was totally in on this.  However, I wasn’t sure how my new machine would take this project, so I googled a similar project and found someone had recommended a 10/70 sharp needle.  You can use a thicker needle, but you run the risk of ripping the paper.  After opening a nice Cabernet, we did a couple of tests with different threads, the tests went swimmingly and she ultimately chose the thread in the photos.  She initially wanted to just leave the thread completely untied, but started to tie a bow on one side, which is how they were ‘finished’.  It was a really fun project, and when we finished the save-the-dates, I took the extra A2 cards and programmed some other stitches to test out.  We ended up making some really great looking stationery!!  I think I may have figured out a few Xmas gifts… ;-D


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