Time for a drink… cookie… both…

Heyyyy October!  There are a few birthdays in our family this month, and my Uncle’s wife is up next this week – side note Happy Birthday to my brother today!  For her party this weekend, my mom thought that a cosmopolitan theme was in order.  She ordered printed fabric to make pj pants from, and the pattern was actually really fun.  Then she bought a martini shaped cookie cutter.  Then it inspired the trip to Cost Plus World Market to buy anything cosmo related; drink mix, rimming sugar, glass ornament, and an oversized martini glass.  Like, the centerpiece kind of oversized, or the kind you see at bars or restaurants that serve about 10 people per order… anyways, fun stuff.  The fabric also inspired some sugar cookies!  This was a great excuse for my oldest daughter to learn a bit more skill for piping icing, so that was the afternoon.  We made the classic cosmo, the raspberry cosmo, a margarita, and a two-olive martini.  My daughter did all the white piping you see, which I think she did really well for a first timer!  We always spread out all over any flat surface, and use up whatever we have on hand – which is always interesting, and keeps our cost$ low.  🙂

I think they turned out great, and my daughter can be super proud of setting them out as favors or serving them up at the party.   I mean, they’re too cute NOT to post.  The icing was royal, and some Wilton thrown in.  I hate that stuff, it’s terrible tasting and really runny.  So, trying to use it up… then there’s some sparkly Wilton stuff, which never really dries.  We used it sparingly, but hot damn if it doesn’t look like rimming sugar!!  The raspberries are red hots and some tiny red nonpareils.  The olives in the martinis are also red hot centers with green and black icing.  I can’t decide which one is my fave… but I do know that they all taste good!


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