It’s the most wonderful time, of the yearrrrrr

Christmas is coming!!  Christmas is coming!!!  SANTAAAAAAAAA!!  I KNOW HIM!!

Ok, ok.  Elf references are about to be a dime a dozen in my house, and all over FB in our family group.  ‘Cause we’re awesome.  We put up our tree, quite literally this year.  The youngest would probably destroy anything we put out at her reach, as that’s what she does pretty regularly.  Maybe a future in demolition or product testing at some point?  I digress.

Our tree this year is a Douglas fir, and it’s gorgeous.  We had a 56″ limit, based on our location this time, which is on top of one of the wine bars in the family room.  Did you catch the “one”, and “family room” in that sentence?  Yup.  You’re jealous.  SO, we strung up the white lights and decorated with mostly reds and golds, some silver mixed in there too, mostly stuff from India and China.  Most of my Czech and Polish glass didn’t make it out of the storage boxes, because I’m deathly afraid that the youngest will destroy it and I won’t be able to find suitable replacements.  Those that have gorgeous glass with history, you get it.  Those that don’t, wellllll, not sure what to tell you except that’s my problem/obsession?  🙂

The tree had to be cut again when we got it home, so I took the remaining baughs and made wreaths out of them.  I was able to make three, if that tells you how much we took off!  I also used the remaining stump pieces and incorporated them into a centerpiece.  Yup, I might be Martha’s younger, hipper daughter.

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