Personalized Matchboxes, DIY

I really couldn’t help myself, I saw an image on Pinterest and pinned it to my bridal shower board.  I had to!  I mean, what better accompaniment to a hand poured candle than a personalized matchbox?  If you should be interested, my board (and some others) are on Pinterest here.

I already had kraft paper on hand from the tags made for the hand poured candle favors, and the bride and groom’s wedding image, so I gave it a go.  A few weeks ago I went with my brother in-law to the Alameda Antiques Market (you HAVE to go here) to gather vintage bottles for centerpieces.  While there, I bought some vintage matchboxes on the cheap – the kind that were kinda faded and weathered.  I printed their image onto the kraft, and cut the new ‘covers’ to size with a paper cutter.  I used a bone folder to get the corners just perfect, and used a glue stick to adhere the paper to the original matchbox.  I should note that I cut the paper to fit around the box, minus the striking side.  No fires, please!  Once the glue started to dry, I pressed firmly, and tied a bit of bakers twine around them.  Viola!  Super easy, try for yourself!

Hand made Teacup candles, DIY part DUEX

I literally just finished the tags for the teacup candles I had made for my brother in-laws’ fiancée’s shower. What a mouthfull!!
So, I bought kraft paper cardstock to make tags, because I couldn’t find anything remotely close to what I was trying to do. I also bought some Martha Stewart scalloped labels, the kind that you can print onto. I borrowed the bride-to-be’s logo, and copy pasted onto the MS template I found at her website. After I cut the Kraft paper down to size, I punched holes in them, applied the stickers, and attached them to the wicks, which I left long on purpose. I also printed burning instructions and my own small logo on the backside of each. It’s all in the details, right?
I have to say, I’m really happy with how they turned out finished! I hope you all do too, and that you get inspired to go be creative as well. Enjoy the pics I took of the finishing process!! And, yes, my workspace(s) are always that cluttered. I’ll post photos of the shower when that comes around soon, stay tuned to see it all come together!

Hand made Teacup candles, DIY


In my last post I said my new favorite thing was to sew paper crafts… But I found a DIY candle idea for a bridal shower favor that I had to try. And I’m now addicted to. Such is life!!
I decided I love soy wax, so I bought a four pound box of soy wax flakes, some zinc-free wicks and some apple blossom scent to make my favors. I also shopped a couple of goodwill stores for the teacups, trying to stay within a certain neutral color palette to match back to the brides’ wedding colors. It took very little time to do this! Even in my little kitchen! Fortunately I had a few of the tools on hand already, like a candy thermometer, a cup to pour from, and a double boiler. Please enjoy the photos of the process, I’ll post a few of the final product when I get the tags to tie to them completed. If you were thinking about trying this or making candles, try it! It is surprisingly easy!!



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