DIY Baby Shower Kisses favors

I previously did a post on making your own personalized Hershey’s Kisses favors, while I was making things for a bridal shower.  I thought they turned out so well, that making them for a baby shower sounded just as cute.

You can view the original post here for a list of materials and specifics.

So, after searching the internet for cute zoo animal images, searching for cute polka dot patterns and pirating an image from the Papyrus website (from the shower invitation) – I had filled up about three different templates to print out.  There were 8 different stickers I landed on.  Eight may sound like a lot, but once the kisses are either in a bowl or scattered on a table, it’s wonderful to have more than one or two images to look at.  After printing a lot of sheets, I cut and punched till the cows came home.  I bought 2 big party sized bags of kisses, and got to work.  My sister in-law surprised us the same day with a visit, so she even helped with the ‘peel and stick’ process.  It took about two solid days, but we got through all of the candy and even managed to not eat very many in the process.  WIN!  Oh, and the candies turned out amazing too.


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